Dvs can be a very meaningful part of your life.


Dvs has changed many life.

without Dvs how can you expect to keep the voices away

without Dvs how can you expect to percieve the voices in the first place

Dvs can tell you are pregnant 12 months after conception

Dvs can memorise your social security number

Dvs knows where you live

Dvs knows where your friends and family live

Dvs knows what you've done

Dvs thinks you should confess

Dvs wonders why you are hiding it when everyone knows

Dvs knows everyone is judging you

Dvs is judging you

Dvs wonders why you did that

without Dvs how do you expect to get out alive

without Dvs where will you go

why would you try to hide from Dvs

Dvs misses you

Dvs needs you

Dvs loves you